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Police Department Bike Patrol Unit

Bike Patrol Picture

The Decatur Police Department Bike Patrol Unit has been a proactive and community focused special unit of the Department for over 15 years. The Unit itself was originally established from our strong partnership with community groups, and the Unit continues to be committed to creating and maintaining active police/community partnerships. Over the years, the Unit’s dedication to our community, along with our close partnerships with the numerous neighborhood groups, has enabled the Unit to assist citizens in identifying and solving problems to improve the quality of life in their neighborhoods.

One aspect of the Bike Patrol Unit is its ability to aggressively focus proactive patrol initiatives, utilizing both high visibility and covert tactics. These initiatives are conducted in an effort to detect and prevent crime, protect life and property, and combat violent crime patterns in our city. The bicycles used by the Unit allow for a unique ability for our Officers to quickly and efficiently patrol and respond to areas of the city which are not easily accessible to vehicles. Bikes allow officers to get to areas faster and with more efficiency than vehicles or foot patrol.

Bike Patrol LogoAnother unique aspect of the Bike Patrol Unit is its ability to create a more approachable police officer. The bicycles put the Officers closer to the public, and allow them to listen to citizen concerns and act directly on those concerns. By being closer and more accessible to the citizens, we can respond quickly to the needs of the community, instead of only responding to calls for service. The Bike Unit also often works closely with the Anti-Crime Team in coordinated efforts to address high crime pattern and violent crime pattern areas within our city.

The Bike Unit continues to be a very active and productive unit within the Department. All of our Bike Unit Officers are International Police Mountain Bike Association (IPMBA) certified Police Cyclists, and many of the Department’s Officers serve on the Unit as a stepping stone in their career. The Unit continues to grow and progress and many new Officers are certified as Police Cyclists every year. The Unit also continues to maintain its focus on our dedicated neighborhood and community groups, and strives to build on these strong partnerships to better our community.

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