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Police Department Fatal Accident Investigation Team (FAIT)

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When a fatal or serious traffic accident occurs in the City of Decatur, the Decatur Police Department turns to the Fatal Accident Investigation Team (FAIT) to conduct the investigation.

The Fatal Accident Investigation Team (FAIT) consists of one patrol sergeant and eight patrol officers. The officers receive advanced training in the area of accident investigation from Northwestern University Center of Public Safety.

The following are examples of the additional training presented by Northwestern University Center of Public Safety ; Accident Investigation #1, Accident Investigation #2, Vehicle Dynamics, Accident Reconstruction #1, Accident Reconstruction #2, Accident Reconstruction #3, Crash Data Retrieval #1, Crash Data Retrieval #2, and Crash Data Retrieval #3.

In addition, all FAIT officers are State certified death investigators and are graduates of Reid Associates on interviewing and interrogation skills. Members of the FAIT also attend monthly training on numerous traffic accident investigative procedures.

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