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Decatur Public Transit System Operation Uplift

Download the Operation Uplift Eligibility Application Adobe PDF File

Download the Operation Uplift Brochure Adobe PDF File

Operation Uplift All of the buses and trolleys in the DPTS fleet are wheelchair and disabled accessible. However, to better serve the needs of the entire community, the Decatur Public Transit System also provides "Operation Uplift", door-to-door paratransit service for individuals who are unable to use the fixed route bus system due to a disability. This service is available during the same days and hours of operation as the fixed route bus system, but "Operation Uplift" operates on a demand responsive basis. Riders call the day before to schedule rides.

"Operation Uplift" riders have several options when calling for a ride. They can call DPTS for a ride in one of our seven wheelchair lift equipped vans. Or they can call one of the private taxi companies or livery companies that provide transportation under Operation Uplift. Click on the link to the Operation Uplift Brochure, at the top of this page, for the names and phone numbers or those private companies. The fare for either a DPTS van or a taxi or livery vehicle ride under Operation Uplift is $2.00 per person for each one way trip.

The service area for “Operation Uplift” covers all of the City of Decatur plus areas outside of Decatur that are within ¾ mile of a DPTS bus route, including most of the Village of Forsyth and parts of the Villages of Harristown and Long Creek.

For more information on this service, please click on the link to the “Operation Uplift” Brochure at the top of this page. For information on how you can become eligible for this service, please call DPTS at 424-2821 or inquire at the ticket sales window at the Senator Severns Transit Center, 353 E. William St.