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Water Management Services Provided

Water Production

Nitrate Facility Water Production provides potable water for the City of Decatur and the Village of Mt. Zion who together have an estimated population of 79,000. Lake Decatur serves as the sole raw water supply source, with the DeWitt County Well Field and an ex sand and gravel pit as back-up emergency supplies. The wells, when activated, discharge into the Sangamon River which supplies water to Lake Decatur. The Division operates and maintains the South Water Treatment Plant, William Street Pump Station, well field, two elevated water storage tanks, the Lake Decatur Dam, and lime residuals storage lagoons.

The City of Decatur Nitrate Removal Facility was completed in July of 2002.

Since 1871, the City of Decatur's goal has been to produce the highest quality drinking water for our customers. We are proud of our history of quality service. To maintain our commitment to you, our analysts routinely collect and test water samples every step of the way - from Lake Decatur right to your home - checking purity and identifying potential problems. Our treatment plant is constantly maintained, evaluated and upgraded to stay abreast of advancements in technology, health science and government regulations. Our water quality lab is the heart of our quality assurance program. Through foresight and planning, efficiency in operations, and focus on excellence in customer service, we will continue to provide you the best quality drinking water at an exceptionally low price.

Water Production Division
South Water Treatment Plant
1155 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. Decatur, IL 62523
Office Hours - 8:00am to 4:30pm Weekdays
For information call: (217) 424-2834

Water Distribution

Nitrate Facility The Distribution Section maintains water mains, fire hydrants, and water main control valves. This includes the ability to make repairs to the system in a timely and safe manner. Routine flushing of hydrants and valve turning operations are part of an annual maintenance schedule.

The City's distribution system consists of 530 miles of water mains, of which 75% are composed of durable cast iron pipe. Cast iron pipe has a very long, useful life which can exceed 100 years. The remaining 25% is newer pipe composed of ductile iron or PVC, which are even more durable than cast iron.

Water Services In order to improve public health, old galvanized and lead pipes that were originally installed between water mains and our customer's curb boxes are systematically removed and replaced with copper lines. Over 90% of the pipes with a diameter of 3/4" to 1" have been replaced. This renewal process has been an on-going program for over 30 years. Our goal is to replace all known galvanized and lead pipes.

This section also maintains fire hydrants and water main valves.

Water Services
Municipal Service Center
2600 N. Jasper St. Decatur, IL 62526
Office Hours - 7:30am to 4:00pm Weekdays
For information call: (217) 875-5705

Water Metering

Water Meters The Metering Section is responsible for reading and maintaining all of the residential, commercial, and industrial water meters in our distribution system. Our water meters are generator/remote read. Almost all residential meters are located inside the house with a remote read attached to the outside. Residential meters are replaced on an average 13.5 year cycle. Large commercial and industrial meters are repaired and calibrated every 1 to 4 years, depending on the rate of flow.

To protect the safety of our water distribution system, the Meter Section also keeps track of backflow prevention device inspections. It assists in water leak detection, low pressure complaints, and issues fire hydrant permits to contractors and bulk water haulers.

Water Services
Municipal Service Center
2600 N. Jasper St. Decatur, IL 62526
Office Hours - 7:30am to 4:00pm Weekdays
For information call: (217) 875-5705

Lake Services

Dredge The Lake Section is responsible for operating and maintaining Lake Decatur. This includes shoreline erosion control and stabilization, debris removal, mowing of city property adjacent to the lake, maintenance of public boat ramps, Lake Patrol (which enforces City Code Chapter 66, Regulation of Lake Decatur), lake special events, and dredging operations.

The Lake Section supports large, free public events held in Nelson Park and Lake Decatur each year including the Lakeside Music and Arts Festival and the Rodney T. Miller Triathlon.

The City's current dredging project consists of removing lake sediment from Basin 6, the Big Creek Arm of Basin 1, then the Sand Creek area of Basin 1. An estimated 5.9 million cubic yards of material (or 3,662 acre feet) will be removed to increase the lake's water storage capacity by approximately 17%.

Lake Office
(Located in Nelson Park)
2203 E. Lake Shore Dr. Decatur, IL 62526
Office Hours - 7:00am to 3:30pm Weekdays
with extended hours during the summer
For information call: (217) 424-2837